Today we talk about cleaning industrial machinery. Who to contact? Why book an intervention? Who to choose? Read on, we’ll give you all the information you need.

Machining residues, shavings and dirt accumulated during production processes can be the cause of numerous problems in industrial plants , not to mention that the quality of the products and the surrounding environment could clearly decrease due to lack of cleaning. The machines need constant maintenance , which must be differentiated according to the type of work performed. There may be some grease to dissolve or some residual oil to remove.

It is important to contact competent companies, which have experience in cleaning technical equipment. cleaning carried out with incorrect products or procedures could in fact compromise the operation of the entire machine. The presence of unsuitable chemicals inside the machine could also create problems related to the violation of the numerous safety regulations in force. In short, turning to inexperienced people just to save money could turn out to be a terrible mistake.

Our cleaning company guarantees absolute professionalism : we have over forty years of experience in the sector. The staff is highly specialized and regularly attends refresher courses, this allows us to offer a service at the top of the sector.

Each type of surface needs specific products and treatments, we will be able to clean and sanitize all your machinery in complete safety. from small workshops to large industrial warehouses. You can trust Bibo, to know more about us read our previous article, just click here.