We have been cleaning professionals since 1977, nothing stops us even the dreaded end-of-construction cleaning! Today we are here to answer some of your questions regarding this service. Let’s begin:

Does Bibo offer a complete service?

Absolutely yes! Impresa Bibo offers a complete service with operators who follow the experience of each customer from the initial inspection to the end of the work. Nothing will be left to chance, we have always worked with great competence and are committed to satisfying any need. 

Are the technicians able to clean even very delicate surfaces?

Obviously our technicians are professionals in the sector who follow the best specialization and refresher courses . This means that they are able to clean any type of surface, even the most delicate . Furthermore, all our staff work with the support of advanced instruments and have all the specific products necessary for the professional cleaning of any environment.

Relying on professionals is very important, we always recommend avoiding do-it-yourself because a deep but incorrect cleaning could in some cases compromise the surfaces. Since these are newly built or renovated floors and / or rooms, it is better to be on the safe side.

Our operators are able to operate in different sectors: industrial technical environments, companies and offices, private homes, commercial environments, healthcare facilities and much more! If you are looking for a partner you can rely on, contact us for more information.

How do you organize post-construction and post-moving work?

Post-construction cleaning generally includes basic standard activities, here are some examples:

  • Eliminate waste and rubble
  • Remove the coarse-grained powders and then vacuum up the finer ones
  • Wash and treat the floors using specific and professional products
  • Polish the floors
  • Clean the windows
  • Added to this are targeted cleaning activities that arise from specific needs , for example interventions vary depending on whether it is a company , a shop, a shopping center or a private house.

As for post-move cleaning, we organize ourselves by evaluating the necessary work. We analyze the starting conditions and prepare a tailor-made work plan according to the reference environment : here too it is a question of understanding whether the building is / was used for commercial, industrial or private use.